The 22nd Annual AAPAE Conference was hosted by The University of Auckland from 9 to 12 July 2015. This is the first time that the conference was held outside of Australia.

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Download the latest conference programme HERE and a document with all conference abstracts HERE.

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(The extended deadline for submitting papers was 28 June 2015.) <<<

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Conference theme:
Contemporary issues in...

The 2015 conference will be an opportunity to address a range of contemporary issues in applied and professional ethics, for example:

The ethics of Tax Avoidance -- Global Justice -- Consumption -- Terrorism --
Obligations to Future Generations -- Privacy -- Surveillance and the Public Good --
Information Sharing -- The Challenges of New Medical Technology -- Climate Change --
Intergenerational Ethics -- Genetically Modified Organisms -- Institutional Excuses --
Neuroethics -- The ethics of Enhancement -- National Responses to Epidemics --
New directions in child protection -- The imposition of Business Models in Education and Health --
Sexism -- Racism -- Big Data: Challenges and Opportunities -- Cyberspace ethics...

The first keynote address -- How should utilitarians think about the future? -- will be given by Tim Mulgan on Thursday, 9 July at 6pm (Owen G Glenn Building, Level 0, Case Room 2).

Prof Tim Mulgan
Tim is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Auckland and Professor of Moral and Political Philosophy at the University of St Andrews.

The second keynote speech, Doublethink in global prioritisation, will be given by Hilary Greaves on Saturday, 11 July at 6pm (Old Government House).

Dr Hilary Greaves
Hilary is Associate Professor in Philosophy at Somerville College, University of Oxford.

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The Conference Committee

Tim Dare (Auckland)
Marco Grix (Auckland)
Peter Bowden (Sydney)